Living The Dream  
Lauren Berry
Living The Dream
ISBN: 9780349008981

Book Condition: New
Binding: Hardback
Publisher: Virago
Year of Publish: 2017

Additional Info'
A story of office life, two best friends, and the question we are sometimes too scared to ask: What do you really want to do with your life?
Each morning Emma arrives at her desk and types in her password (Fresh_He11). She shoves her jacket under her desk (DEAR ALL, Please keep your coats and bags out of sight and NOT on your chairs as they are unsightly. Thx).
Most days Emma wears a mask that hides her boredom, her hangover or both. When her boss isn't looking she pursues her career as a writer, sending articles, posting blogs and trying to get noticed for her talent, instead of mistakes on her PowerPoint presentations.
Emma's best friend, Clementine Twist, arrives home from New York with a hefty overdraft and a crushed heart. She moves in with her mum, gets a job in a bar and spends her days trying to get her script writing career off the ground.
As their 30s loom and the freedom and fun of their 20s gives way to the adult pressures of job satisfaction and perceived success, Emma and Clem realise it's time to ramp up their efforts, and think about quitting the day job. Living the Dream is a razor-sharp comic novel of office life, friendship and the search for meaning.
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