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booksThese are exciting times here at Books Written By, in the winter of 2006 we opened with around 3000 titles working from only a small storage unit. To today where at present we hold around 11,000 books in a shop 4 times the size with offices. Due to the nature of the business we continue to grow all the time and we can see another move happening very soon. It's easy to contain the business at a certain size however we believe that it is essential to provide the customer with as much variety as possible.

Our free book finding service is a favourite amongst our regular customers, as we hold many key contacts whether it be individual booksellers or larger trade companies. So there is always a strong chance that we can locate a book that you may have had trouble finding.

We are a company on the rise, in the past 3 years we have continued to grow rapidly through our worldwide sales via our affiliate partners. Where upon we have continued to maintain a 100% or 5/5 star rating.

With books written by you are guaranteed a friendly and professional service, where your needs as a consumer are our top priority. In the rare occasion that we do not have the title you are looking for we have teamed up with the UK's largest wholesaler and can order any title on demand.

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