Live, Laugh, Love, Always, Lydia  
Lydia Bright
Live, Laugh, Love, Always, Lydia
ISBN: 9781409170235

Book Condition: New
Binding: Hardback
Publisher: Orion Spring
Year of Publish: 2017

Additional Info'
She grew up on one of the UK's biggest, BAFTA award-winning TV shows but there's still a lot you won't know about Lydia Bright as the confident beauty shares all for the first time!
From fond family memories, first kisses and travelling around the world, to her dreams of an even more dazzling future, this is Lydia's full story - her greatest adventures yet - and your bubbly guide to living life to the full!
TOWIE Find out what it was really like to be an Essex It Girl
RELATIONSHIPS Lydia opens her heart and shares 5 rules for a flawless first date
FITNESS The workout routine she follows to get bikini-ready, plus recipes!
BEAUTY Get the look; with makeup tutorials, product tips and style secrets
INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES What drives her positivity, motivation and success?
BUSINESS From budding fashionista to launching her own boutique and 3 clothing collections
ADVENTURE Help from a fearless globetrotter to take your trip of a lifetime
Packed with lots of extra surprises, crazy stories and even more reasons to fall in love with Lydia's unstoppable attitude, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, ALWAYS, LYDIA is the fairy-tale-turned-reality that's only just getting started!
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